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What Is Custom Button reMapping?

Remapping is the ability to move button assigned actions on a controller to any button a gamer chooses.  Many games today come with four or five presets for the control of the game.  And a gamer is left to choose from among these preset to find one that will work best for him or her.

Custom button remapping on the other hand means that the player can choose what buttons on the controller control what ever actions they desire.  No longer would they need to choose from a handful of preset when in essence they will be able to choose whatever works best for them.

People often ask “Why don’t you get a custom controller made?”

Below is a video demonstrating button remapping and how it makes Gran Turismo 5 playable even with my disability.

Here I demonstrate how toggle options should be a standard also.

Will this just benefit the disabled gamers of the world?

From the beginning of this petition I have stressed that really every gamer will benefit from custom button remapping. There are times when the presets that you have to choose from are not intuitive or comfortable or whatever. With remapping as a standard gamers will always be sure they can use and will be comfortable with any games control scheme.

Why not just get a custom controller?

First off I do mention this in the petition but sometimes gets overlooked. Custom controllers by their nature are very expensive at each one needs to be customized to the disabled player. So expense alone is a detracting factor. When most of the time a disabled gamer would merely need to be able to remap the controls to play a game.

Secondly if you have a custom controller made for you they put control buttons in places that you can reach them. For example if I am playing call of duty on a modern controller I would have sight up not be L1 but more near R1 which is the fire button. And if I had a button over there  it would solve a major problem for me in the game call of duty. Now if I want to transition to a racing game that control scheme will be totally different without remapping my custom controller is useless.

How can I help?

If you would like to help please share one of the videos about the petition and link to the petition with friends and family. If you visit any Internet web forums please post a link to the petition. You can also join the Facebook group below so that I can keep you updated as to the progress of this.

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