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Button remapping petition and my push for PAX East.

New remapping petition:

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New button remapping petition is up as the other site has died…

GO HERE AND SIGN THIS BAD BOY!  Previous petition is dead at 83,384… sad but thanks to all who signed the 1st one!  I love you very much.

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This is true… 

This is true… 

The Wheelchair vs Bubble Wrap… 

My button remapping petition song…  yeah it’s awesome! Petition is over 76,000 signatures.  The song on iTunes!

MY SET FROM THE FINAL ROUND IN PORTLANDS COMEDY CONTEST!  Jokes were selected by my YouTube subscribers. Click here for a bunch of my older sets.

My plea to developers to add button remapping… the time is NOAW!

Remapping petition:

Button remapping petition link - Thanks for helping disabled gamers.

Please share it with your friends. 

The story of how I became handiboy!  And I rock and roll at Black OPs!

My contest & please help me out interwebz video. go vote now.

My voice mail number 207.358.0493!

Feel free to leave me a question or comment.  I will be incorporating these into my gameplay videos.  Question can be on any topic you want to ask about like life, gaming, comedy what ever and the questions can be funny, serious or offensive.  ***PLEASE note:  I will not answer this number and by leaving me a message you are giving me the right to use your voice in my videos***


My zombie video going to level 19 in Kino Der Toten! Song is screamO not my fav but worked with the video!

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